Features for Critical Applications

Here, we demonstrate a set of features in Bonita BPM that are essential for mission-critical applications. These features include case monitoring, case visualization, error management and connector live update which are available in the subscription edition.

Upgrade to Bonita BPM Subscription? It’s easy!

Upgrade your production platform built on Bonita BPM Community edition – with minimal downtime and no data loss!

In this webinar you will see:
– the simplicity of the procedure to upgrade a Bonita BPM platform from Community to Subscription edition
– the immediate benefits that this upgrade provides, with the enablement of Bonita BPM subscription features on already deployed artifacts (live update, monitoring, and more)

Securing Bonita BPM – Conclusion

In conclusion, there are several techniques that can make your Bonita BPM much secure and lets you be a bit more production ready. If we want to sum up, we have seen how you can change your default password configuration, how you can define a password policy for user creation, how you should disable your HTTP API and focus on …

Securing Bonita BPM – HTTPS

Follow this tutorial to learn how to avoid Men in the Middle attacks. Encrypt your communication by configuring HTTPS in your architecture.

Securing Bonita BPM – CSRF

Follow this tutorial to learn about cross site request forgery attack countermeasure. With a live demo, see how to enable the REST security token by editing the proper configuration file.

How Reed Midem Uses Bonita BPM in the Cloud through Amigolog

In this webinar, Amigolog will show how you can quickly implement processes designed in your Bonita BPM Studio without infrastructure or operating expenses. A use case by Reed Midem is presented here along with a follow-up demonstration.

Securing Bonita BPM – API

Follow this tutorial to learn how to deactivate your HTTP API and tune your REST API authorization rules by applying dynamic business checks.

Securing Bonita BPM – Introduction

Follow this introduction tutorial to learn how to secure your Bonita BPM installation. This video is first of the “Securing Bonita BPM” tutorial series which contains four main chapters – Changing password, API, CSRF and HTTPS.

Bonita BPM 7 UI Designer Technical Deep Dive

Among the major innovations Bonita BPM 7 delivers are a set of new technologies to create and present graphical interfaces (pages & forms) to end users.

During this webinar we will focus on the new user interface editor: the UI Designer.

You will:
– learn how simple it is to use this new framework to create pages and forms for business applications.
– discover how you can leverage the underlying AngularJS and Bootstrap technologies of the UI Designer to create rich, dynamic and responsive UIs.
– get an overview of the different new features that will allow you to be more efficient while creating and extending your UI (custom widgets, fragments, and more)