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Success Comes With Experience

We at Geek have extensive experience in application design and development.  Our team is able to guide you through all the necessary steps to monitor and improve your application.

No application is an island.  It’s likely you already have various software in place running different parts of your business.  We take a birds’s eye approach and tie all those disperate systems (including the people running them) together.

Recent Case Studies

Cannon Group has been managing Subaru’s telecom requirements successfully for many years.

Subaru tasked them with managing the project costs for their distributed workforce – and they came to us to make it happen.

We needed to create a connection between the internal time tracking system (Oracle) and the submitted invoices. Then, we integrated their projects and cost coding schema. Once that was completed, the approval process flow was straightforward to create. Approval agents and project managers are notified of updates and are able to approve from both desktop and mobile devices.

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ToddlerMonitor came to Geek with a functional embedded system, and a simple, proof of concept mobile app.

Our developers took the mobile app and rebuilt it to ensure consistent functionality. Additionally, we set up a distributed team to handle second tier support tickets. Our engineers consistently solve technical problems for ToddlerMonitor customers, freeing the team at ToddlerMonitor to go after new markets.

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The Baylis Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities wanted to say thank you to their existing client base in a unique way. They set aside $10,000 in $50 increments to allow their clients to give to a local cause of their choice.

In the meantime, the United Way had kicked off its #unignorable campaign with nine key areas of influence.

By putting these two initiatives together, we were able to empower people to give in a deeply impactful way.

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ADT required a central system to request new mobile devices (phones and tablets) and to make service requests on those devices. SAP Ariba offered the enterprise infrastructure, but not the integration with the third party device dealers.

We created the system to integrate with the dealers using a punchout catalog with usage reporting.

Staff from all over North America can order devices for themselves or for new employees to be hired. Central administration can approve or deny requests to keep a handle on overall hardware and maintenance costs.

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