COHR Health Supervisor Training System

COHR Health Supervisor Training System

COHR Health’s team of occupational health nurses, physicians, drug and breath alcohol technicians and training staff provide a variety of health and safety services for a variety of industries across Canada and the USA.

One of the services offered is Supervisor Training.  This is a course that educates team leaders and managers in the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse among staff.  The COHR Heath trainers were spending a great deal of time on-site at client locations to cover this training material.

In order to remove the need for on-site training, we created an online training system where supervisors could sign in to view the 2 hours of video training, download the training manual and worksheets, and take the session quizes to certify their knowledge. The video below demonstrates a quick walkthrough from the students’ perspective.

In addition, the supervisor training can be accessed using the Moodle mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile App Screenshots

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