Geek Inc. Becomes a BonitaSoft Experto Partner

Geek Inc. Becomes a BonitaSoft Experto Partner

20130607partners_partnerAt the end of September, Geek Inc. completed the process to become an Experto BonitaSoft Partner. 

We are now able to offer advanced work on the BonitaSoft BPMS platform. We are very excited to be working with BonitaSoft. The Bonita BPM Open Source Business Process Management Suite is an incredibly powerful system.  

Being a partner, we can help businesses do the following:

1 – Design processes graphically

Bonita BPM uses standard Business Process Management Model and Notation 2.0 (BPMN) so technical and business stakeholders can easily communicate in a common language.  You don’t need to speak geek to understand how the processes work.

2 – Run processes with a single click

Bonita-generated applications are like nothing you’ve ever seen in a BPM solution. I can connect a process model to other systems, design your webforms, and run your process-based application in one click.

3 – Connect processes to IT systems easily

Bonita BPM includes more than a hundred ready-to-use connectors — for databases, ERP, CRM, ECM, and more. In addition, as a partner, I can create software connectors to link to your custom “bespoke” software systems.

4 – Easily manage processes

Designed to be as usable as an inbox and accessible via smartphone and tablet, Bonita BPM Portal is an intuitive portal where you can easily manage your daily tasks and follow process activity.  The custom processes I build integrate directly into the portal and allow your staff to push forward on complex jobs in a systematic and integrated way.