Bonita Connector Development

bonita connector development Geek Inc are proficient at bonita connector development, which ensures seamless integration with your existing setup. We develop custom connectors and update ones which have expired as a result of a recent software update.

No application is an island. It’s likely you already have various software in place running different parts of your business. Bonita takes a bird’s eye approach, and is able to tie all those pieces (and the humans using them) together.

How does Bonita BPM interact with other programs and online applications? In short, pieces of code known as “connectors” act as the go between; translators that allow different software to talk to each other. These handy widgets let the distinct parts of your organization to communicate with through bonita with ease.

Bonitasoft has connectors available for download on their community page, but options can be lacking or possibly out of date. If you find one for the program you use, but it doesn’t include use of the specific functions you require, we can help.

Geek Inc are your go to for connector development. Let us build the missing piece for your Bonita installation or bring what you have into the present.

Let us know what connectors you are looking for.




Stay posted. Our connector database is coming soon, with updated and expanded connectors on the way.

Bonita’s connector library:
Bonitasoft Connector Library